appliance repair man working on dishwasher

Residents of Taylorsville, Utah, who need appliance repair count on the experienced team at Dr. D’s Appliance. We specialize in oven repair, refrigerator repair and washing machine repair. Call us whenever your household appliances are giving you trouble.

Oven Repair in Utah

Takeout is fun, but it gets expensive after a while. If you can’t get your oven to turn on, or one or more of your stove burners isn’t working, call Dr. D’s Appliance. We service all brands of gas and electric ovens and stovetops.

Because cooking is messy, sometimes the reason your oven or stove isn’t working right is because an important part is clogged with food. That’s a simple fix. But other times, the problem is more complex. That’s when you need the experienced techs at Dr. D’s. We’ll find out what the problem is and get your appliance back up and running.

Refrigerator Repair

When you need refrigerator repair, you can’t wait. All your food will spoil if your fridge refuses to keep it cool. Almost as bad is a fridge that keeps freezing your food. Maybe your fridge seems to be working right, but has suddenly begun to make a loud noise. It’s best to call for appliance repair before your refrigerator conks out in the middle of the night and you wake up to a mess.

If your freezer is filling up with frost or it’s not keeping your food fully frozen, we can help with that too. Whatever is wrong with your refrigerator or freezer, call Dr. D’s Appliance.

Washing Machine Repair

It’s a major hassle when your washer breaks down. Bagging up your family’s dirty laundry and heading to the laundromat is such a pain! What makes it worse is the cost of the machines. You need your washer to work again — ASAP. Call Dr. D’s Appliance for washer repair.

We repair all makes and models of clothes washers. Whether your washer won’t turn on, your clothes are still soaking wet at the end of a cycle or your washer is making a loud, scary noise, call Dr. D’s for appliance repair. We’ll figure out the problem with your washer.

We repair clothes dryers too — gas and electric. If your dryer heats up but won’t tumble, you may need a new belt. If it tumbles but doesn’t heat up, you might have a clogged vent. Rely on Dr. D’s to figure it out and get your dryer running again.

Appliance Repair & Installation in Taylorsville, Utah

We pride ourselves on being able to repair all types of home appliances. But for every appliance, the day comes when repair is not an option and you need a new washer, dryer, refrigerator or stove. That’s when you need to call Dr. D’s for appliance installation.

We install gas and electric appliances, and we also do water hookups for washers and refrigerators with icemakers and water dispensers.

If you live in Taylorsville, Utah, contact Dr. D’s Appliance whenever you need appliance repair.