There are several things you should never put in your dishwasher because of the damage it can potentially cause.

When your sink is full of dirty dishes, you’re probably pretty happy to have a dishwasher in your kitchen. These appliances help save a lot of time, but it’s important to remember that not everything can go into the unit. There are many items that should not go into your dishwasher because they can become damaged, or the opposite, those items can harm your appliance. 

Continue reading below to learn which things should never go in your dishwasher.

7 Items You Should Never Put in Your Dishwasher

  1. Items Made of Wood — The heat and hot water inside dishwashing machines can cause wooden items to warp or otherwise bend out of shape. Hot water can also damage the finish of wooden things, dulling how they look. Hand wash and air dry your wooden utensils, dishes, and cutting boards to maintain their beauty and function.
  2. Cast-Iron Skillets — Preparing your meal in a cast-iron skillet can amplify its flavor, but the seasoning you’ve worked so hard to achieve can be ruined by putting your skillet in a dishwasher and can increase the chances of it rusting. Hand wash your skillet without soap and dry it immediately using a clean, soft cloth.
  3. Heirloom and Vintage Items — Many vintage and antique pieces have beautiful colors, detailed patterns, and ornate trimming that can become damaged or faded in the dishwasher. Dishwashing detergent can be very harsh on these fragile items. To keep your cherished heirloom and vintage ware in good condition, keep them out of the dishwasher.
  4. Copper Pieces — Keep your copper pots and pans, and other dishwater items from tarnishing by keeping them out of the dishwasher. Instead, hand wash them with mild dish soap and allow them to air dry or use a soft towel to speed up the process.
  5. Nonstick Cookware — Some nonstick cooking ware is dishwasher safe, but most of it is not! Make sure to read the manufacturer’s suggestions before you put your nonstick items in your dishwasher. If your items are not dishwasher safe, you could ruin their nonstick coatings forever.
  6. Crystal Items — Crystal pieces should never go into your dishwasher because the high heat can cause your fragile items to chip, crack, or otherwise break. Instead, keep your favorite crystal dishes and glasses in good shape by carefully washing them by hand.
  7. Insulated Mugs, Cups, or Flasks — If you want to enjoy a hot or cold beverage on the go, an insulated mug, cup, or flask is a great option. But putting them in the dishwasher can ruin their potential to keep your drinks chilled or hot because water can get in between the inner and outer layer, compromising their insulating effect. Hand washing is the best option.

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